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Emerse Yourself… In Yourself

Meditation and breathwork are some of the deepest and most profound methods for personal growth, inner healing and general wellbeing. Many people associate with meditation, a dull and challenging art. This is a myth. Although mediation and breathwork are not about pleasure, the experience often is joyful and go very deep. And the good thing is that it even works when you practice it only for a few minutes per day.

Both meditation and breathwork have been around for many millennia and used to play a major role in most cultures around the world. Today there is a return to this technique, the ancient knowledge and wisdom, decluttering these methods from their cultural and religious context. Science has shown how effective these methods with many physical and mental challenges.. Especially when it comes to breathwork there has been a lot of buzz around the topic in recent years.

In this seven day course Xerxes will show you how to enter the world of meditation as a newbie or go deeper if you are an experienced meditator.


What You Will Learn

The Power of Breathwork

Some refer to breathwork as the “better” form of meditation. However, it is not necessarily better, yet it is easier for most beginners because you are actively engaged and usually experience effects immediately.

Reducing Stress Immediatly Inducing Relaxation

You will learn techniques that will reduce stress within 5-10 minutes and which you can apply almost anywhere.

Increasing Intuition

Both meditation and breathwork have a very positive effect on intuition and the ability to better assess and anticipate situations. 

Simple Yet Powerful Meditations

For most people, traditional forms of mediation are not ideal to begin with. You will learn a simple technique with which you will experience immediate effects.

Releasing Anxiety

Many studies have show how effective both breathwork and meditation are when it comes to anxiety and depression. All of the techniques introduced will increase your wellbeing.

Initiating Creativity

Creativity is no only talent but also finds its roots in state of mind and brainstate. Both breathwork and mediation have a major influence on putting you into the right brainstate to become more productive.

A Practice you can Easily integrate into your daily life

Most traditional meditations last 30 minutes or longer and are therefore not suitable for most people. Here you will learn techniques ranging from 5-20 minutes that you can easily integrate into your daily life.

Becoming More focussed & Productive

These techniques will support your focus and have a positive effect on your productivity once you practice regularily.

Happyness & Fulfilment

Breathwork and meditation boot the level of happiness imensly. Your general wellbeing will quickly be in creased by only practicing for ten minutes a day.

The Curriculum

The 7 Day Breathwork and Mediation Initiation is a quest to easily enter the work of breathwork, meditations and altered states of consciousness with methods that a easy to adapt, short in practice yet very effective.

Xerxes has been on the path for more than 20 years and has experienced many different techniques all other the world having travelled worldwide and visited and learned from some of the most notable teachers and spend many different ashrams and temples. He will guide you through this process in daily 15-30 minute sessions.


In the introduction you will learn why, what and how we approach the course.

Day 1: The Six Breaths Method

This is a very simple method where you will experience immediate effects within ten minutes. This method is comparable to a hack of the autonomous nervious system.

Day 2: Gratitude & Forgiveness

These are two most important factors for living a happy and fulfilled life. You will learn how to integrate these into you life.


Day 3: Vocal Toning

Research has shown that with vocal toning within 7 minutes most people with no prior experience with the method experience immediate effects of a change in awareness, …altered state of consciouness.

Day 4: Tummo & Wim Hof Inspired Breathwork

Tummo breathwork is an ancient Tibetan form of breathwork that has come to international attention through Wim Hof. This is a very fast yet powerful technique with major effects on body and mind.

Day 5: MIndfulness

This is the meditation method that has become very popular in the last few year. It is a simple method, yet for most people ungeeinnet to start with it. Still, 95% of people start

Day 6: Vision

On this day you will learn how to envision your vision on a daily basis for programming your subconsciouness for towards fulfilling your vision.

Day 7: INIXIATE Breath

This is my personal mix of meditations that I practice on a daily basis. It is the essence of all I have learned and a very powerful technique.

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