INIXIATE Life Retreat - Breathwork & Meditation Retreat on Evia 2021

Holotropic Carthartic Movement

August 26th – 29th 2021, Sunshine House, Evia


ABOUT the Holotropic Carthartic Movement

The way we breathe represents the way we live. In this 3 1/2-day retreat we use the power of breathwork, meditation and movement to open ourselves to a new perspective and deepen our experience of life.

Spirituality is often associated with a rigid practice that is neither hedonistic nor easy to practice regurarly. Xerxes shares methods that are serious and profound while appealing to people who struggle with traditional techniques.


This Retreat is designed to

  • Reset your system to move into a state of being where you can create the life you want.
  • Initiate a blueprint for a ritual and practice that you can easily integrate into your daily life after the retreat using simple techniques.
  • Free your body from manifested tensions and blockages.
  • Activate the inner wisdom for healing of your body and mind.
  • Initiate a transformation in your current life development.




For some this retreat will be a turning point in their lives, for others it will deepen the experience of their present being.

This retreat will be the starting point for a regular psycho-spiritual practice that is joyful and deep.

Join me on this journey at the end of August on Evia only 1 hour away from Athens.

Retreat Content

During this retreat you will explore techniques that are joyful, simple and effective, including:

  • Tummo breathwork (aka Wim Hof Breathing)
  • Vocal toning/charka toning mediation
  • Cathartic movement and body expression

You will nourish your body, mind and spirit to preparing your system and yourself for the months ahead and possibly a new life. Holotropic Carthartic Movement is also ideal as a framework for experiencing psytrance festivals as a healing ritual.



  • Accommodation in a shared 3-4 beds room (double and single room available with additional charge)
  • 3 holistic, delicious & nutritious vegan/vegetarian meals per day
  • Pool & steam bath

Participating in the retreat also includes free access to the INIXIATE Breathwork and Meditation Initiation online course. 


7:30 – 8:30 Morning Movement and Meditation (optional)

8:30 – 10:00 Breakfast

10:00 – 13:30 Morning Session

13:30 – 17:00 Lunch, Break & Beachtime

17:00 – 19:30: Afternoon Session

20:00 – 21:00: Dinner

21:00: Evening Session



  • A negative corona self-test is required to participate in the retreat.
  • The retreat is from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon. If you can only join on Friday evening you pay €50 less.
  • Find the way to Sunshine House on Google Maps here
  • Contact me through the contact form, phone or WhatsApp at +4369913570707


About Xerxes

I am a transdimensional traveler between different worlds with an interdisciplinary background in eastern & western psychology and mysticism, traditional oriental medicine, and social sciences.

I was born in Tehran in 1978 and grew up in Vienna. In 1999 I began practicing meditation while studying philosophy, politics & economics in the UK and later also breathwork, constellation work and dream work. When I turned 28, for two years I traveled as a “barefoot doctor”, exploring the world and working in retreat centres and ashrams. When returning to Europe in 2008, I began to share the methods I had learned over the years and did research in Transpersonal Psychology, Holotropic Breathwork and altered states of consciousness for my master’s degree in counselling. I concurrently started working as a coach and consultant in business.

In my late 30s, I went through a series of severe crisis’ that led me to undergo a metamorphosis, reinventing myself and eventually becoming a TEDx speaker and who I am today.

I am currently based in Vienna, Athens and the Algarve and work as a futurist, public speaker and counsellor – sharing the methods I relied on during my metamorphosis and the insights I have through altered states of consciousness.

What You Will Learn

The Power of Breathwork

Some refer to breathwork as the “better” form of meditation. However, it is not necessarily better, yet it is easier for most beginners because you are actively engaged and usually experience effects immediately.

Reducing Stress Immediatly Inducing Relaxation

You will learn techniques that will reduce stress within 5-10 minutes and which you can apply almost anywhere.

Increasing Intuition

Both meditation and breathwork have a very positive effect on intuition and the ability to better assess and anticipate situations. 

Simple Yet Powerful Meditations

For most people, traditional forms of mediation are not ideal to begin with. You will learn a simple technique with which you will experience immediate effects.

Releasing Anxiety

Many studies have show how effective both breathwork and meditation are when it comes to anxiety and depression. All of the techniques introduced will increase your wellbeing.

Initiating Creativity

Creativity is no only talent but also finds its roots in state of mind and brainstate. Both breathwork and mediation have a major influence on putting you into the right brainstate to become more productive.

A Practice you can Easily integrate into your daily life

Most traditional meditations last 30 minutes or longer and are therefore not suitable for most people. Here you will learn techniques ranging from 5-20 minutes that you can easily integrate into your daily life.

Becoming More focussed & Productive

These techniques will support your focus and have a positive effect on your productivity once you practice regularily.

Happyness & Fulfilment

Breathwork and meditation boot the level of happiness imensly. Your general wellbeing will quickly be in creased by only practicing for ten minutes a day.

Enroll Now

The cost of the course is €250 including food and shelter.

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