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“Psytrance Awakening” encapsulates a deeply transformative journey, experienced at the pulsating heart of psytrance festivals. Rooted in the evocative music, the freedom of self-expression, and the collective energy of love, openness and peace of the festival communities, psytrance awakening can be compared to a rite of passage or spiritual emergency that leaves individuals profoundly changed.

The Healing Dance

At the core of the awakening is a form of dance that leads you into the deepest realms of yourself. Two of the main dance rituals are the “moon dance” – a delicate, releasing stagnant energy, fostering rejuvenation and leading into the realm of no-mind, no-space, no-time – and the “sun dance” – a cathartic dance, aiding in the release of burdens, constraints, freeing yourself. Both dances are deeply transformative and are intrinsic to the overall spiritual awakening.

Experiencing Freedom

At the festival, the stage transforms into an open universe, where norms blur and authentic self-expression is embraced. Here in the heart of this pulsating ecosystem, you experience a freedom – powerful, raw, and untamed. The dance becomes your language, your body the canvas broadcasting a kaleidoscope of emotions, unfettered and undiluted. It’s in this space that you unravel layers of your being, discovering facets unseen or unexplored, naked to judgment. The festival becomes a sanctuary of self-discovery, a realm vibrating with acceptance and freedom, liberating and transformative.


A transformative festival manifests as a profound social metamorphosis. Amid the diversity of people, sounds, and energies, you find a space to redefine your social paradigm. As faces blur into a shared unity and laughter merges into the music, you begin to connect deeply with yourself and your environment. This process, genuine and intimate, reshapes your understanding of human connection, your identity and life.

Your Guide


Born in Tehran in 1978 and raised in Vienna, I embarked on a transformative journey, bridging worlds as a transdimensional traveler with roots in varied disciplines – Eastern and Western psychology, mysticism, traditional oriental medicine, and social sciences.

At age 24, I experience my first spiritual emergency and awakening to the path. However, like many novice on this journey, I stumbled into the tricks of my spiritual ego and fell into a period of hibernation that lasted for years. My “re-awakening” occurred at my first psytrance festival, a momentous event that marked the point where I continued on my path.

In the meantime, I was initiated in Transpersonal Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Holotropic Breathwork. This training allowed me to apply the framework of Holotropic Breathwork to design the rituals for festivals, creatively transforming them into immersive, holotropic experiences.

Since 2017, I’ve been guiding individuals through the Psytrance Awakening Initiation, aiding them on their unique journeys towards liberation.

If these journeys spark your interest, please feel free to reach out. I’m happy to guide you through this transformative journey