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From Seperation to Rising Again & Reinventing Your Life
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 Is this Your Turning Point?

Separation or the loss of a loved one is the deepest and fundamentally distressing event that a person can experience in their life. Studies have shown that even mentally strong people can emotionally break down from such an event. It’s not your fault: no one has learned how to cope with such a situation.

In the process, you risk losing your livelihood, your financial freedom or your job, and perhaps even more people you care about. Moreover, many people give away this great opportunity to go through a profound transformation but instead break down and never really recover.

I know that what you are experiencing right now is painful, but at the same time, it may be your biggest opportunity yet to rethink, reimagine and reinvent your life – to live a new life that you truly love. Make it your turning point!


Reinventing Your Life

From separation and breakdown to rising again and reinventing your life.


Applying Healthy Coping Strategies

The beginning of a separation is like a roller coaster ride of emotions. But with the right tools, it is possible to get through this process in a healthy way and not get stuck in a negative state.

REimagining Your Ideal Future

With guidance, the roller coaster ride fuels the process of reimagining your ideal future. For most people, this is the greatest opportunity in their lives to start a life they love.

Rising Again & Reinventing Your Life

Once you have found clarity, I will support you in taking action and implementing steps to emerge stronger from the separation and live a life you love.

Hi, I’m Xerxes

I know how devastating it is when you live with the person you wanted to grow old with, but the marriage still didn’t work out. At first, I didn’t want to let go and hold on to the life I had envisioned for my future. This pushed me to the verge of burnout. Yet, as an experienced counselor, I knew what I needed to do to rise again and emerge stronger. I truly believe that a separation is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, opportunities for profound life change.

They say it usually takes you about half the time you were in the relationship to recover (in my case, that would have been six years). But I was able to move through the process in only six months, recover, rise again, and eventually become a TEDx speaker within a year. I created a life that I love and never imagined I would ever have.

And now I’m happy to support you in your process – from being a like caterpillar, going through your transformation to becoming like a butterfly.

    Professional Background



    • Counsellor, coach and meditation teacher
    • Futurist and keynote speaker


    • Founder of Göttergarten – The first European CBD-dispensary
    • Founder of Metamorphosers re-think hub (think-tank and consultancy)
    • Founder of Dana Center (mediation, breathwork and yoga center)
    • “Barefoot-Doctor” – Travelling and working with complementary medicine at retreat-centers, clinics and ashrams for two years worldwide.
    • Consultant at Fulcrum Consulting (business consulting)


      University Education

      • Master of Science in Counselling, ARGE Bildungsmanagement Austria
      • Bachelor of Arts in PPE (Philosophy, Politics & Economics) at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK and the Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland
      • Diploma in Acupuncture at the Open International University of Complementary Medicines, Sri Lanka
      • Psychotherapeutic propaedeutic, University of Vienna, Austria

      Education & Training

      • Transpersonal training with Stanislav Grof and Jack Kornfield, USA
      • Education in transpersonal psychology, psychotherapy, and holotropic breathwork at the ÖATP/IHTP with Sylvester Walch, Austria
      • Hypnotherapy with Albert Nerenberg and Gamini Guranathna , Canada and Sri Lanka
      • Education as a life-coach and counsellor, pro mente Wien
      • Education as an organisational developer, coach, and supervisor with Rolf Fink, Switzerland
      • Various systemic trainings and further education:
        • SSA Training with Siegfried Essen, Austria
        • Family constellation work with Bert and Sophie Hellinger, Austria
        • SySt Institut constellation work with Matthias Varga von Kibéd, Austria
        • Training in family constellation work at Reinhold Wildner, Austria
        • Systemic Ritual constellation work with Daan van Kampenhout, Austria
        • Personal Training in Systemic Constellation Work with Andrea Poppinger, Austria
      • Training as a certified Shiatsu practitioner, Shiatsu Ausbildung Austria
      • Traditional Chinese medicine and bodywork with Achim Eckert in Austria, Germany, and Spain
      • Tibetan sound therapy with Peter Charles Nezval, Austria
      • Agama Yoga, yoga training, Thailand
      • Tai chi, qi gong, Jian Li, Austria
      • Sufi mysticism with Denis Mete, Austria
      • Tibetan Buddhist Epistemology with Alan Malachowski, UK


      • Desert Retreats, Iran and Morocco
      • Sufi retreat, Iran
      • Osho Ashram, India
      • Sai Baba Ashram, India
      • Amma Ashram, India
      • Vipassana retreat (Goenka), India
      • Anapanasati retreat at Sanghathan Tempel, Thailand
      • Shamanic retreat, La Gomera

      What People ExperienceD

      My separation hit me unexpectedly and at the most unfortunate time in my life, when I was also facing major challenges in other areas of my life. Through the process with Xerxes, I was able to recover quickly, develop a new vision and redesign my life. In addition, I am in good and peaceful contact with my ex-wife although many unpleasant things happened along the end of our relationship.


      At first I didn’t want to believe what was happening to me and the life I had built for myself over so many years. With his empathy and clarity, Xerxes was able to support me during the process of letting go and realizing that there is so much more to life than what I had ever imagined before. Today I feel like I have broken out of the golden cage I had been living in for so many years and am now living a life where I am much more in tune with myself.


      The moment I came out of denial, I was confronted with deep fears about the future and believed that in my future I would live a life that would be much worse than my life before. Xerxes helped me rediscover my livelihood and build a life I would never have allowed myself to live before. At the end of the process, my partner and go back together again as I turned back to being the man she fell in love with – a man with a clear vision who walks his own path. I am grateful that I found my purpose again and reinvented my life. 


      Start your New Life Journey now


      Book a Call

      Book a free call with me to find out if we want to work together.

      Assessment & Orientation

      A separation has several stages.Together we will determine where you are right now and you will be given a tailored plan to move forward.

      1-on-1 Session

      We will have video calls weekly, possibly several times a week. I will also be available for messages during the week and emergency calls if needed.

      Reinventing Your life

      The process begins with coping and recovery, which eventually leads you to rethink, reimagine, and reinvent your life.

      Frequently Askes Questions

      Is this normal therapy?

      Normal therapy is usually less directive than my service. You will receive a toolbox for coping with your current situation and also guidance on various possibilities of pathways and processes that will lead to your recovery and eventually to a reinvention of your life.


      For one thing, I know what it feels like to go through this process. Many counselors in this field have not gone through this process themselves.

      Secondly, I work not only with traditional psychology, but with a synthesis of techniques from western and eastern psychology combined with modern neuroscientific insights. At first, we focus on managing your recover and then work on reimagining your ideal future.

      The setting is also different: we don’t just have one video call per week, but we develop a plan together for the coming months – in addition to one or several 1-on-1 sessions per week – I’m always available for emergency calls, I’m always available via messaging, and I create an individualized recovery program. I support your process intensively and record customized audio tracks for your specific process for you to work with.


      Yes, it can still work out. In fact, I’ve seen it happen many times. I have seen couples go through this process, letting go of their old – often toxic – lives and creating a new life and vision together.


      I can work with both of you if you want. However, there must be clear rules and boundaries from the beginning. Get in touch so we can see what works best for you.


      Yes, I am available in case of emergencies.

      How much do I have to pay to get started?

      The first call is free. After that, you pay monthly for close support – 1on1 sessions, emergency calls and daily accessibility via messenging. The price depends on the intensity of the support-type you choose but is around $800/month for close support.


      Depending on your needs and desires, and what stage of separation you are in, the process usually takes between one month and a year.


      I measure the success of our work by your quick, complete recovery and clarity about your future so that you do not need my support anymore.