At Boom Festival

Inspired by ancient Sufi ceremonies, this powerful contemporary Sufi meditation practice takes you on a journey that awakens the energy centers in the body and initiates ecstasy. It includes various phases, beginning with the activation of these centers, followed by Sufi breathwork, culminating in the mesmerizing Sufi Whirling meditation and ending in Ecstatic Dance.

Ahasveros leads through breathwork and whirling meditation, while Momo energizes Boomers through the musical journey and Ecstatic Dance.

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Next time up after Boom Festival

September 23rd, 7 pm
Cristaland, Lagos, Portugal

At Boom Festival

Immerse yourself in a powerful meditative experience that harmoniously intertwines breathwork, chakra toning, and movement to release natural DMT.

The practice’s unique structure stimulates the natural release of the spirit molecule opening up the possibility for a serene and deeply introspective experience. This is intended for profound self-healing and your spiritual growth, driving you towards a state of inner peace and resonance with your true self.

This breathwork is hostest by Ahasveros.

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Next time up after Boom Festival

Starting in October 2023 again daily at Cristaland, Lagos, Portugal

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