Mentoring, Hypnosis and Breathwork that lead you to

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1on1 Sessions

Mentoring & Guidance

I, personally, guide you through the process of identifying your vision and purpose and a consciousness practice that you can easily integrate into your life.

Trance Journeys & Hypnosis

Together, we use the full potential of your subconscious mind to find clarity, heal or do manifestation work.

Breathwork & Sound Healing

 Access the power of breathwork and sound healing for activating your inner healer and expanding your consciousness.

HI, I’M XERXES Ahasveros

I am a transdimensional traveler between different worlds with an interdisciplinary background in eastern & western psychology and mysticism, traditional oriental medicine, and social sciences.

I was born in Tehran in 1978 and grew up in Vienna. In 1999, I began practicing meditation while at university and later also breathwork, constellation work and dream work. When I turned 28, for two years I traveled as a “barefoot doctor”, exploring the world and working in retreat centers and ashrams. When returned to Europe, I began to share the methods I had learned over the years and did research in Transpersonal Psychology, Holotropic Breathwork and altered states of consciousness for my master’s degree in counselling. I concurrently started working as a coach.

In my late 30s, I went through a series of severe crisis’ that led me to undergo a metamorphosis, reinventing myself and eventually becoming a TEDx speaker and who I am today.

I currently live in Vienna, Athens and the Algarve to work as a meditation teacher, public speaker and counselor – sharing the methods I relied on during my metamorphosis and the insights I gained through holotropic altered states of consciousness – offering mostly counselling, trance journeys and hypnosis, meditation and breathwork, as well as leading retreats in holotropic cathartic movement and meditations and breathwork.

Professional Background
  • Counsellor, coach and meditation teacher
  • Futurist and keynote speaker
  • Partner at Commetta Collective at Supertrends Institute
  • Founder of Göttergarten – The first European CBD-dispensary
  • Founder of Metamorphosers re-think hub (think-tank and consultancy)
  • Founder of Dana Center (mediation, breathwork and yoga center)
  • “Barefoot-Doctor” – Travelling and working with complementary medicine at retreat-centers, clinics and ashrams for two years worldwide.
  • Consultant at Fulcrum Consulting (business consulting)
    University Education
    • Master of Science in Counselling, ARGE Bildungsmanagement Austria
    • Bachelor of Arts in PPE (Philosophy, Politics & Economics) at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK and the Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland
    • Diploma in Acupuncture at the Open International University of Complementary Medicines, Sri Lanka
    • Psychotherapeutic propaedeutic, University of Vienna, Austria
    Education & Training
    • Transpersonal training with Stanislav Grof and Jack Kornfield, USA
    • Education in transpersonal psychology, psychotherapy, and holotropic breathwork at the ÖATP/IHTP with Sylvester Walch, Austria
    • Hypnotherapy with Albert Nerenberg and Gamini Guranathna , Canada and Sri Lanka
    • Education as a life-coach and counsellor, pro mente Wien
    • Education as an organisational developer, coach, and supervisor with Rolf Fink, Switzerland
    • Various systemic trainings and further education:
      • SSA Training with Siegfried Essen, Austria
      • Family constellation work with Bert and Sophie Hellinger, Austria
      • SySt Institut constellation work with Matthias Varga von Kibéd, Austria
      • Training in family constellation work at Reinhold Wildner, Austria
      • Systemic Ritual constellation work with Daan van Kampenhout, Austria
      • Personal Training in Systemic Constellation Work with Andrea Poppinger, Austria
    • Training as a certified Shiatsu practitioner, Shiatsu Ausbildung Austria
    • Traditional Chinese medicine and bodywork with Achim Eckert in Austria, Germany, and Spain
    • Tibetan sound therapy with Peter Charles Nezval, Austria
    • Agama Yoga, yoga training, Thailand
    • Tai chi, qi gong, Jian Li, Austria
    • Sufi mysticism with Denis Mete, Austria
    • Tibetan Buddhist Epistemology with Alan Malachowski, UK
    • Desert Retreats, Iran and Morocco
    • Sufi retreat, Iran
    • Osho Ashram, India
    • Sai Baba Ashram, India
    • Amma Ashram, India
    • Vipassana retreat (Goenka), India
    • Anapanasati retreat at Sanghathan Tempel, Thailand
    • Shamanic retreat, La Gomera

    Personal Statement

    We are living in unprecedented times and I believe that those who dare to challenge the status quo will be the leaders who take humanity to the next level of consciousness.

    At the gate of the Oracle Temple of Delphi it states “Know Thyself“: The basis for true and deep transformation on an individual and collective level is self examination and understanding the nature of the self and reality.

    Yet, the challenge is that we humans – as neuroscience shows – function just like computer software. We are programmed by our environment and minor and major events of our lives – and we function almost entirely in a fully automated way. 

    Mysticism, however, shows that it is possible for us to break out of these “human algorithms”.

    Holotropic altered states of consciousness break through these programmings and unconscious patterns and allow us to elevate to the next level of our lives, our consciousness and our humanity.

    INIXIATE aims at opening the opportunity for this. It is a space for a community of creators – beings who dare to know themselves and be authentic in order to live a self-determined, purposeful and impactful life.

    You will be initiated into techniques and practices that will alter your state of consciousness and moods to enable you to live a life where you can unleash your full potential in the service of a greater good.

    INIXIATE is my vision of a community of people who are self-determined yet in communion, practicing authenticity, loving kindness, respect, honesty and truthfulness while being free, open and deeply trusting in life eventually collaborating and co-creating for the greater good.

    My TEDx talk… the starting point of INIXIATE