INIXIATE - THE 21 Day Transformation Initiation

Create a meaningful life that you love… that has a bigger impact.

Oracle of Delphi

Know Thyself – Discover Purpose – Create Impact


Hey there,

What if the situation right now is what you need to rise beyond the limitations that have been constricting you – perhaps even living a disempowered, purposeless, or visionless life?

And all you needed was to challenge your paradigms and grow beyond them? To realize your true potential in order to put it into action?

It often takes hard waves hitting us before we learn to ride the waves of life…. to go with the flow of life.

What if this situation is exactly what you need right now to initiate and reimagine a new, meaningful and impactful life?

We, humans, have the ability to imagine anything we want, and yet we tend to imagine the things that limit us the most. Things we imagine about ourselves, about the world, about life.

So, first, we imagine.

Then, we create.

Yet, it is we who decide whether we create out of fear or out of the abundance of our full potential.

We decide whether we create our own hell in paradise or whether we live a fulfilled and impactful life.

I had created my own hell and I can show you how I transcended it.

Let me be your guide on this journey.



Transform Into the Best Version of Yourself & Create Impact

Inixiate is an initiation process to discover your true essence and potential to create a deeply fulfilling and impactful life.

In ancient Greece, people went to the Oracle of Delphi to find out about the truth and the future, only to realize that the truth and the future are found within the self alone – at the gate of Delphi it says: Gnōthi Seauton – Know Thyself.

This process is designed so that you are able to tap into your inner wisdom by triggering profound insights through altered states of consciousness – i.e., light trance sessions. Therefore, it goes far beyond what you can discern through pure reflection. Instead, your truth will emerge through your inner wisdom to you through insights and epiphanies.

You gain clarity about what deeply fulfills you and what you want and need to create an abundant, joyful, and impactful life – so that your life becomes like a unique work of art and the most beautiful expression of your essence.

You will be guided step by step through this process of mentally detoxifying your unconscious blocks and allowing your vision to emerge.

INIXIATE gives you the opportunity to begin your personal “Hero’s Journey” – a new journey to a fulfilling and impactful life.


What You Will Learn

A Life Vision that Inspires You and Others

In essence, it’s why you’re here and what you live for: A vision that inspires you and makes you love life, live beyond fears, and make an impact.

How to Utilise the Transformative Power of Crisis

Every deep crisis is a personal emergency. Yet, during an emergency something new and much better can emerge if we focus on the good and opportunities at hand. INIXIATE guides you through it.

How To Create Your Dreams and Go with the Flow of Life

Empower yourself by transcending through the levels of consciousness to create the life you love. Becoming the master of your own destiny, a light for yourself and others – riding the waves of life.

Discovering Your Meaningful Life Purpose

Understand your purpose at a deeper, more profound level to align your life, greatest skills, and gifts with your vision in mind.

How to Live a Truly Fulfilling Life

You will discover what truly fulfills you in life – following your passion and doing what you love instead of what society expects you to do and what doesn’t bring you joy. You will be able to make happiness the default state in your daily life.

Tap into the True Connection to Life

We are always connected to all that is, yet often we cannot perceive it. By finding clarity about your true purpose, vision and being, you will re-experience the true connection to life again.

Initiating an Impactful Life

Humanity is in a deep crisis and the greatest challenges are yet to come. It will need new leaders of transformation to move to the next stage of human evolution. This initiation will support you to live an impactful life. The first step is to know thyself.

To Embrace Your Authenticity

Break the chains of society’s repressive opinions and conditioning by living in harmony with your true self and life and living your own truth.

Identifying Your Talents

Talent is what we perceive as easy for us – so easy that we don’t understand why it’s hard for others. Once you recognize your hidden talents, you can use them to your advantage and to the advantage of others.

The Curriculum

INIXIATE is a 21-day transformational journey for you to initiate a purposeful and impactful life by discovering your true purpose and unleashing your full potential.

Xerxes has been on a path of self-exploration that goes beyond personal boundaries for more than 20 years. He will guide you through this process in daily 15-30 minute growth work sessions. With this journey, you initiate your transformation process towards a fulfilled and meaningful life.

During the process, you will uncover your subconscious paradigms and beliefs, your greatest gifts and abilities, and your purpose and vision for creating a life you love.


In the introduction you will learn why, what and how we approach the course.

PART 1: Three Stages of COnsciousness

Here you will learn what the levels of victim consciousness, creator consciousness and emergence consciousness are and how to rise to the next level.

Part 2: THE Landscape of Motives

The Landscape of Motives is unique method to find out what really drives you, what your motives, values and talents are and what deeply fullfils you.

Part 3: The Pillars of Life

The pillars of life are all the important areas of your life – for example your personality, your social life, your career, and your wealth – and you inspect what you want to create for yourself.

PART 4: The Big Picture

This is the point where you look at the big picture and integrate all the previous parts of this quest and “connect the dots”. This will also be the preparation for the final part: Your Purpose.

PART 5: Your Purpose

Finally, the search is rounded out with identifying your purpose and what is beyond what a meaningful and impactful life means to you.

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